This blog is a about my life’s work.  It features musings on all manner of things from what I do in my ‘day job’ to thoughts about trying to live a good life with my family and community. I’ve been privileged to work alongside some inspiring people who are leaders in government, business and the not for profit sector. Most impressive of all have been the people who face adversity in communities as diverse as Social Housing communities in Western Sydney to remote indigenous communities.

My passions continue to be supporting the hardest to reach in our communities with opportunities for a better life, finding better ways to make a difference for more people, mobilising business and local communities to play their rightful role in making a better world and supporting emerging not for profit leaders to reach their full potential. I have done this work locally here in Sydney, across Australia and also by supporting other leaders in India, the US and South Korea. Over this time I’ve developed an interest in Social Leadership and Management, Innovation, Not For Profit Strategy, Cross Sectoral Collaboration, Social Enterprise and Community and Economic Development.

I can’t guarantee witty insights or faultless grammar, just the honest reflections of a journeyman.  Hope you find something useful in all of this.


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